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Fun, creative, tough, classical, lighthearted, clear: all of these words describe Chris Blackburn's teaching and yet there's so much more! Join him for this fantastic mat workout and leave your own description in the comments below. You can find Chris at Dorothee Vandewalle's studio Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle where this class was filmed during the Classical Pilates Conference Seattle in March 2015.

What Others Are Saying


  1. SabrinaHorak 5 months ago

    Nice class Chris, very precise and hard work with some nice details. I liked the lightness of your cues. Thank you.

  2. Jennifer Allen

    Wow! That was pure evil, but so good. Thanks so much for this awesome workout! I will keep working on those little teasers at the beginning followed by single leg circle with the bottom leg hovering. This was a great challenge.

  3. letters123 5 months ago

    Very inspiring!! Lots O work to do but as Chris said ” I survived”!!
    Thank You!

  4. Pilates24
    Pilates24 5 months ago

    such great energy. Thank you.

  5. McLachlan 5 months ago

    Hallelujah, Thank You Chris.

  6. PilatesDeb 5 months ago

    Fabulous class! Excellent cuing and pace. Really loved this. Thank you!!

  7. Pfplus 5 months ago

    Fabulous Workout!! Thank you!!

  8. Great class, thank you!

  9. Kerry 5 months ago

    Brilliant teacher! Awesome class, even though it wasn’t always pretty on my end.

  10. Loquette 5 months ago

    Wow, I loved this class, great teaching. This is going into my favourites! Thank you.

  11. Prafferty5
    Prafferty5 5 months ago

    Simple, clean and very effective. Some variations that make such a difference ….squeezing that juice out ! Thank you 🙏💙

  12. Juliana Araujo
    Juliana Araujo 2 years ago


  13. ilkamajdalane

    Amazingly awesome 🙂 I feel so good after this workout!
    Thanks ????????

  14. Rosemarie Krausz 3 years ago

    Fabulous workout! I’ve been underestimating my body’s capacity over the last year since I turned 70, but realized the intermediate workouts didn’t challenge me enough, so I’ve gone back to the advanced workouts. Thank you so much, Chris! I will b repeating this one many, many times.

    • Chris Blackburn Author
      Chris Blackburn 3 years ago

      Thank you for watching and giving it your all! What a wonderful inspiration you are. Please let me know any ways to keep you challenged in going forward! Just keep moving 🙂

  15. Thank you! A good and fun class, very restorative after running in the morning!

    • Chris Blackburn Author
      Chris Blackburn 3 years ago

      Thank you for working out along! And kudos to you for working out after a run!

  16. Mayada 4 years ago

    Amazing workout..
    In pilates u don’t use music?

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi Mayada,
      You ask a great question and the answer is no, Joe Pilates did not use music during workouts for the purpose of quieting your mind so you can listen to your body and be present. But if you enjoy having music on when you work out, there’s nothing wrong with that–add your own soundtrack and go for it!

  17. aplg 4 years ago

    Thanks for an awesome workout this morning. Great way to start the weekend! Lindsey and Betty in Los Gatos, Ca 🙂

  18. AnnaDZullo 4 years ago

    Fabulous Thank you!!!

  19. jenna 4 years ago

    wish i was there

  20. Christine Hüsler
    Christine Hüsler 5 years ago

    Wow… I feel so good now. It was my Saturday first Thing in the morning. Love the clean teaching style. Great Teacher.

  21. mirandabass 5 years ago

    just did this again and enjoyed it twice as much!

  22. rshall 5 years ago

    Six months later, this class is still as challenging as the first time I took it! Fantastic mat class.

  23. mirandabass 5 years ago

    Really lovely class Chris! Good flow, great transitions, tweaks created to stay within the original work! Thanks.

  24. Niedra Gabriel
    Niedra Gabriel 5 years ago

    Loved this mat class, simple challenging and a great workout – thank you Chris.

  25. Kara Wily
    Kara Wily 5 years ago

    Chris it was really nice working out with you this morning. No really admire your work and your teaching is as clean and unforced as your work. Thank you. I hope to visit Seattle and work with you all more. My very best, Kara

  26. shelleyhornett 5 years ago

    Fav mat class!!!!
    You are such an amazing teacher and my body feels fAbulous!!!!!!
    Thank you so much ????????

  27. rshall 5 years ago

    The. Best. Classical mat class I’ve ever seen. Great instruction and cuing. AND, he actually announces each exercise! Basic, but often overlooked. Flows, but not too fast. Enough variation for even very advanced. Definitely some moves to aspire to.

  28. dolly 5 years ago


  29. Thank you Chris! Great workout :)!

  30. jackielatour

    Brilliant Chris!!! And beautiful work by all of the students/teachers in your class!!

  31. choi
    choi 5 years ago

    Josep’s original routine.good .Thank you.

  32. DKimbro 5 years ago

    Love, Love Love!!!

  33. Ynowak 5 years ago

    Fantastic! Very clear directions and just enough variations to keep focused. Great class to work out to.

  34. joesmat 5 years ago

    I believe this Instructor appeared in Dorothee’s Advanced Mat sometime ago, and demonstrated coming up to standing on one leg from Control Balance on the mat. One very capable Gentleman.
    Wonderful Instruction, providing inspiration to all.
    Wish we had Instructors like this.

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