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Swakate Series with Jay

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Join Jay Grimes for a primer on the Swakate Series on the Reformer. As Jay explains, this series was originally only taught to men but women can do it on the Arm Chair. Join his students Nicole Briggs, Zareh Markarian and Ken Krech and you’ll learn key details about where to move your arms from, what parts should bend or not, the rhythm of the movement, what the rest of the body should be doing and much more. Our thanks to Strong Body Pilates in Toluca Lake, CA. Visit Jay at Vintage Pilates.

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  1. WendyBovey
    WendyBovey 1 year ago

    Love it thank you for explaining how to do correctly. Is that your new reformer Mr. Jay Grimes you designed for Balance Body?

  2. Loved this – was definitely doing a NY elbow thing on my Swakate (I am a NYer though) – need to improve that before I meet Jay!

  3. Buxotic
    Buxotic 1 year ago

    Thanks for this; great info on the Swakate !! Now….if I could only FLOSS like Jay ;-0

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