Supermodel Legs Pilates Workout with MeJo Wiggin

Supermodel Legs with MeJo

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Supermodel trainer MeJo Wiggin has shaped some of the most recognized bodies in the world and you’re next! Join her for this mat session designed for sculpting and stretching out your legs for that long, lean Pilates feeling. It’s a full-body workout that you’ll return to again and again, no equipment needed! Visit MeJo for Teacher Training, lessons and more at: Our thanks to The Art of Control™ in Stamford, CT where this was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Catgal01
    Catgal01 2 months ago

    Wow I thought you were really friendly at the beginning little did I know how feisty this would be. What a great workout that was. A really great energy, excellent tips and fine points. Awesome teacher. Definitely one to follow. Thankyou for the great start to my day MeJo

  2. RockyLambo 3 months ago

    I liked the quick base of MeJo’s class. Thanks!

  3. Loquette 6 months ago

    Ooooh eeee, I loved this one!

  4. 6 months ago

    That was fantastic. legs feel more lean and strong, body feels tighter and stretched…..thank you for the class!

  5. Lamu 6 months ago

    FANTASTIC WORKOUT! |Day 2 of the challenge and I m so enjoying it! Thank you everyone at Pilatesology, you are the best!

  6. emmyshep2374 6 months ago

    Love MeJo soooo much!!!  That was super fun!  I am really out of shape but I hung tight and did my best!  I feel amazing!!!  Thank you MeJo and Pilatesology!!!

  7. Silke 6 months ago

    I loved this class!

  8. Mandee 6 months ago

    Great pace, woah! Struggled to keep up… Good fun, though! Thank you Mejo.

  9. cgladstone 6 months ago

    Fun and energetic….kept me on my toes guessing what comes next!

  10. Melanie Petri
    Melanie Petri 6 months ago

    I LOVE this workout! So inspiring!

  11. krislezetc 6 months ago

    That was amazing! Thank you Mejo!!

  12. Seamare 6 months ago

    Fabulous precise and high energy class! Definitely a top choice!

  13. Alisa Wyatt

    Such a great workout MeJo! I’m feeling my legs from the lunges, thank you I loved it! xoxo

  14. lisapatters 6 months ago

    That was a great workout !!!

  15. 6 months ago

    First time working out with MeJo – how hardcore is she??!! Wow! Thanks MeJo- I’ll defo make this one of my favourites!

  16. Kathy
    Kathy 6 months ago

    Loved it.
    So much energy ! Thank you vey much.

  17. SabineCarden 6 months ago

    Great workout and very talented teacher ! Loved it!

  18. Fitchick72 1 year ago

    Awwww, this was FABULOUS! Just LOVE MeJo and her energy!
    Thank You!

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