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The Tower is your best friend when you need to loosen up a stiff back. In this workout, Gloria and her students Morten and Anna begin with a short assessment that you’ll repeat at the end (with amazing results). After the warm up, she takes you through your favorite Tower stretches with a focus on opening up your specific tight spots. You’ll love the journey to the end of class but even more, you’ll love how long and open your back feels when it’s over! For Teacher Training, lessons and more, visit Gloria at Studio Pilates di Gloria Gasperi. Our thanks to Pilates B, Denmark where this was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Kerry 2 years ago

    Enjoyed this class and your teaching very much. Thank you

  2. McLachlan 2 years ago

    I too enjoyed the tempo and the ending bringing back the rolling like a ball for the completion and awareness to how much it changed for them both. What level would you say they are and have you worked with them before as a duo? Lots of great gems to work with. Thank you

    • Gloria Gasperi Author

      Hello Lindsay!
      Thank you so much for your comment… I am so happy you enjoyed the class! I really enjoyed filming it!
      The two wonderful guys are both experienced teachers… I would say the level of the class in intermediate… Before we filmed that I have a private seeeion to Sara and saw Morten in some workshops of mine… one of the many treasures I learned from Jay is to stay present in the moment and being able to observe and get in contact with the bodies in front of me with no need of too many previous informations and this gives to my teaching a wonderful freedom and the ability to follow my instinct and intuition to understand and feel what they need!
      Hope this helps and let me know how this class works for you!????
      Love and thank you

  3. bethmastin85 2 years ago

    Hello Gloria,

    I liked your theme, sequence of exercises and the sprinkling in of key points to the work. I liked the tempo of the class. You kept them moving and focused. This Tower class will definitely enrich my teaching of Tower classes. Thank you. Beth

    • Gloria Gasperi Author

      Thank you so much to you Beth! And Yes… movement is everything!????
      Thank you for following my classes and please let me know how it goes with this one!
      Love and thank you!

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