Spine Corrector How To Part 2 w/ Junghee Won

Spine Corrector How To Part 2

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In part 2 of her series on the Spine Corrector, Junghee explains why this apparatus is a great place to practice exercises like Teaser, both to challenge and to support areas that need it. With her student Carrie demonstrating, Junghee explains what to look for and how align the body with the barrel, where to lie down, what level the exercise requires, how to give hands on assistance and spots, common mistakes to watch out for and more. Exercises covered include: Teaser, Hip Circles, Grasshopper, Rocking, and Swimming. Our thanks to Can-Do Fitness where Junghee teaches.

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  1. Catgal01
    Catgal01 4 months ago

    Thanks again Junghee- great tips on positioning and why

  2. I want to run to my studio and take out my spine corrector after watching the two of you! Awesome job Carrie and great spotting and teaching Junghee! I really enjoyed watching this!

  3. Maria13 5 years ago

    uauuuuuu! great, thank uuuu, i just boguth my spine corrector

  4. joesmat 5 years ago

    Dear Junghee:

    I really liked this lesson although I can only relate to it on my mat, (no apparatus) and how you defined the few exercises that Kerry demonstrated. I think she enjoyed the Stretch you gave her with Leg Circles!
    Of particular interest was how you defined the positioning for the Teaser, when you spoke about a photograph, I think, of Mr Pilates with Romana doing the Teaser. You pointed out that that the finger tips and feet should should be in a line, or as you defined perpendicular meaning ” four equal straight sides and four right angles”. Is this correct?
    If so, then version taught during Romana Kryzanowska lifetime, asked that when you roll up into a Teaser, you straighten your lumbar spine, and your torso and legs are in a “v” Shape. This I assume is called the modern version. Is my understanding correct?
    Certainly, the photographs and few archival video pieces we see on the internet, show Mr Pilates and his student, doing the Teaser with a distinct “C” curve, and the roll up positioning, to roll down is done as one movement without any hold, and I believe, is what you described. Is my interpretation correct please?
    Maybe, you will do a mat drill to include these distinctive details outlining correctness!
    Lovely to see on Teaching.

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