Pilates Small Barrel Workout with Alisa Wyatt

Small Barrel Workout

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Alisa uses a Pilates Small Barrel for a complete full body workout in this session. You’ll use the barrel to support and assist your body as well as to open and stretch your spine long. For anyone with a small barrel at home it’s a fantastic workout to create better posture and correct tight shoulders, necks and hips. Alisa’s sequence today includes a Basic/Intermediate level mat using the barrel, a leg series to promote open hips and long muscles, and finishes with an arm series to drain tension from the upper body and leave you refreshed and rosy.

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  1. Mary
    Mary 4 years ago

    A Pilatesology treasure. It is hard sometimes with all the great stuff coming at us not to revisit the basics. This is a keeper.

  2. jodie 7 years ago

    Where can I buy a barrel like this?

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi Jodie, Gratz Pilates Apparatus makes the best apparatus in my opinion but all of the Pilates manufacturers have a small barrel in their inventory. You can often find one used as well–check The Pilates Guy’s website.

  3. pilates 8 years ago

    Thanks Alisa. This is a great reminder to use the small barrel more than I have been lately! Love the barrel, but get away from it sometimes. Will use this for (2) clients tomorrow, this would be great for their body awareness on these exercises.

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