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Chris Blackburn shares his tips and tricks for teaching short box on the Reformer. Partnering the short box can help your client feel safe, confident and more engaged in this important exercise sequence. Partnering it well can save your body as a teacher. Learn to teach and support your client through the hug, flat back, side bend, twist and the tree. Filmed at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle.

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  1. HeidiSue 2 months ago

    I would love to have more Covid – oriented cues! I loved your hands-on assistance and cueing, but during this difficult time I am in no-touch studios. Thank you for your ideas!

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi HeidiSue, Thanks for this note! This video was filmed last year before the idea of not being able to use your hands to cue even existed :).
      I will add your request to our growing list of things we want to film when we can do that again safely although perhaps we can have Chris teach a verbal cueing workshop for us on Zoom and we will share it on the site for our members afterward…
      In the meantime, you might find some verbal cues in these tips videos with Michael Johnson. He demonstrated them himself so there’s no hands on:

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