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Tiziana shares the seated Pre Pilates exercises aimed at improving posture, relieving neck and shoulder tension and strengthening the upper body and legs. This series is also referred to as the TV Exercises, because Romana often gave it as homework to do while at a desk or watching TV. Visit Tiziana at: The Trovati Method.

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  1. Ceto02
    Ceto02 4 years ago

    Thank you Tiziana for teaching these exercises, they’re great in-between office work!!!

  2. joesmat 4 years ago

    Hello Alisa:

    This series of exercises reminds me that we have not had a full session of all Mr Pilates Standing Exercises on Pilatesology.
    I have seen some Archival videos pieces of Mr Pilates demonstration the Standing work in a field on the internet, and no doubt there are others.
    Perhaps, you would consider putting all these exercises together and having them demonstrated soon on Pilatesology!
    We see little of this work spoken about.

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