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Are you the proud owner of a new Pilates Reformer? Congratulations! Tiziana is here to teach you all there is to know about this iconic apparatus and its accessories. Using your newly acquired expertise, you're ready to join Tiziana for an easy-going, rewarding full-body workout. Enjoy! Visit Tiziana at: The Trovati Method.

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  1. Elle80 2 years ago

    Hi! I am Balanced Body trained and I am trying to adjust to the Gratz Apparatus. I have seen in different videos teachers referring to the outside or inside springs. What isthe difference if, for exemple ,I use the two outside like in the video or the two inside? Is it a question of carriage stability or is the resistance actually changing?

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi Elle80!
      This is an excellent question–many teachers do feel that there is a difference when using the inside vs. the outside springs in the stability of the carriage. I was taught by Kathy Grant and Jay Grimes to do it this way. The only exception being when you get to Stomach Massage–for that exercise you take off the inside springs in order to get them out of the way for Short Box & Semi Circle which come after.
      Romana taught me to take springs off from the inside first because she had a specific order for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced and it made more sense that way. Some teachers also feel that if you have a weaker side or arm, using 1 spring on that side creates a stronger connection.
      Personally, I like both ways so I would advise you to go with what feels right to you!

  2. Liv 4 years ago

    Is the headrest up in the bottom lift as shown?

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi Liv,
      Good question–in instances where your bottom is lifted over your shoulders it’s important to put the headrest down (exercises that do this include Short Spine Massage, Overhead, Full Corkscrew, Step Off Control Balance, etc…). In this video, Tiziana is demonstrating how to add the straps to the feet when preparing for Leg Circles & Frogs, and she lifts her bottom a bit to slip the strap onto the feet instead of pulling on the springs to do so. Since she is only lifting her bottom slightly, the weight of her lower half is not putting pressure into her neck so it’s ok to keep the headpiece lifted. Romana taught us to never pull on the straps or push the carriage out with one foot to put the straps on the feet. Being able to lift your bottom with control, without moving the carriage, is proof that you have the strength in your Powerhouse to move to the next level and is a helpful tool for evaluating your client.

  3. kdblake 4 years ago

    Thank you! Very helpful for this proud owner of a new Gratz 🙂

  4. Luna
    Luna 5 years ago

    Thank you, it was very kind explanation for beginner.

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