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If the Pilates rolling exercises are a lesson in frustration for you, Niedra’s tips can help! Be ready to move because in this quick session, you'll re-discover a key exercise and how to do it correctly in order to open up your lower back. This class was filmed at Mind2Body studio in Sherman Oaks, CA, where Niedra runs a Pilates Teacher Training Program. You can find Niedra’s complete teaching schedule at her website, www.Spirit-Moves.com.

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  1. dalirae 1 month ago

    Can you explain what you see when the hip flexors start working? Or is it really you seeing her use of her upper abs?
    Thanks. Great video . The visual with the spring was great. Really emphasized that you maintain the shape.

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 1 month ago

      My guess is that I am focusing on the ribs and making sure that is where the focus is. Then it will be juggling the client to secure they are NOT using hip flexors _ you can ask if they are using flexors if you are insecure.

  2. yumi-ho 3 years ago

    Niedra I’ve been watching many videos from you and I love them because you address what my body needs but can’t access on my own 🙂 ! Doing this video stretched my middle back like never and allowed my breath to eventually fill those back ribs! Thank you!

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 3 years ago

      wonderful to read your comment Yumi- Ho, this is wonderful. I am always amazed that a video can get so much information across cyber space , and make a difference !

  3. eugenia 5 years ago

    I see what I have been neglecting… the upper power house. Everything you talk about I see is important. I may have been stressing my hip flexors from now working the upper powerhouse correctly. I have no teachers here so I am learning everything from Pilatesology. Thank you.

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 5 years ago

      Good for you Eugenia, I love that you are being so proactive in learning and practicing. You have a professional attitude and when you have the opportunity to work with a teacher, live, you will absorb like a sponge. Wishing you much progress and success.

  4. Niedra Gabriel Author
    Niedra Gabriel 7 years ago

    Thank you Judy and Yoly, Always love reading the comments and requests.

    I just finished filming 40 !!! classes with Pilatesology.com so you should be watching a lot of
    “me” very soon. I hope you enjoy what will be put up and please always post a comment about subjects or requests that you would like to see on the website – we all want to provide you with the best, most useful information (to you) that we can.

  5. Niedra Gabriel Author
    Niedra Gabriel 7 years ago

    Thank Yoly, do post how this worked for you. I hope you find it helps crack troubled rollers

    • judyj11 7 years ago

      Neidra has deep understanding of the moving body. She’s is a pleasure to watch impart her knowledge to her students. I would love to see Neidra do even more videos.
      Thank you Neidra.

  6. Ynowak 7 years ago

    Great suggestions!

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