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In this detailed overview of the wonderful device that is the Pilates Pedi pole, Brett Howard shares a variety of exercises that you can follow, along with his brilliant cues for stabilizing and aligning the body. It's one of the most challenging pieces of apparatus in the studio because there's little to support you. As Brett says, you have to pull in and up instead of moving forward or back as you move your limbs—it's like tying a knot in a piece of string, when you pull on the ends the knot tightens, and that's exactly what happens to your core when you work with the Pedi pole. Visit Brett at or his beautiful studio in Jersey City, NJ The Pilates Haus.

What Others Are Saying


  1. LJPilates

    So great, Pros! Have watched this so often, and love it more each time! Thank you, and hope you both are well! Stay safe, stay strong 🙂 xo

  2. mb008 1 year ago

    Also in the “attitude” series – literally tearing up looking at how difficult this is

    Gorgeous, y’all – thank you for showing us


  3. mb008 1 year ago

    Two things most immediately – that as Professor Brett gives his cues, you think of the exercises you need on other (slightly) less challenging apparatus in order to build the strength to to these exercises well, LOL.

    Also so much appreciated is that even a near-superhuman longtime practitioner like Ms. Wyatt is unafraid to “show us the effort” – to let us *know* what the challenge is so that as we work toward her level of proficiency (haha, someday) we can aspire to the levels of precision and strength (and opposition, whew) we need to build for that level of control

    Thank you both so much! So brilliant!

  4. Kayfenton
    Kayfenton 4 years ago

    Thank you for such a great presentation on a very difficult apparatus!!! I learned so much!!!!

  5. Leolady 7 years ago

    Great tactile cues I’ve not seen before! Brett, how do you deal with short clients as the range of movement and effort is obviously different than if they are tall?


    What a great class. Unfortunately I have no Pedipole so far, but use my wall unit and the high mat in the meantime. What a challenging workout!

  7. pilatesangel 7 years ago

    LOVE!!! Alisa, thanks for keeping it real. Great variations and Brett is such a gem!

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Thanks Angel, there was seriously nothing else he could have squeezed out of me in this one, I was challenged to the max!

  8. Mary
    Mary 7 years ago

    Brett’s classes are a treat. Clear cues and always fun. Keep zipping, AW…

  9. colleenferg7
    colleenferg7 7 years ago

    i love this- so fun to see some things on the ped a pul i havevn’t seen before! really great… one question- when you do the single leg attitue position to front and side- is you spine centered on the pole? meaning do you line the pole up with your supporting/standing leg or do you stay exactly center as if you had 2 feet down?

  10. ladyjane 7 years ago

    Great class Brett! Beautifully taught, I especially loved the analogy of pulling the ends of the string and the knot tightens…..beautifully demonstrated Alisa! Talk about getting the juice out if it…. You sure did! Thanks!

  11. pilatesgal50 7 years ago

    Excellent! Cues were great and translated so well into where you needed to put the work. Brett you are terrific, Alisa you are a rock star, and Jack thanks for having them change the position of the Pedipole on the Chest Expansion for a better view.

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