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Brett Howard on the new book Pilates for Children and Adolescents

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Brett Howard about the new book Pilates for Children & Adolescents: Manual of Guidelines and Curriculum, for which he was a co-author. If you're a Pilates professional who is interesting in teaching kids, this book is an invaluable resource! It's availlable on Amazon (through our store) as well as on the Pilates Method Alliance's website.

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  1. joelcrosby

    Brett, Thanks for all your hard work in creating this wonderful book! It is needed and will hopefully be instrumental in getting regular Pilates practice in schools. With more and more work at computers and tablets in schools my kids need this.

  2. Ynowak 6 years ago

    This is a fantastic book. The sample lesson plans that can be submitted to school are a huge help!

  3. joesmat 6 years ago

    It is said that toward the end of Mr Pilates life he felt his work was not getting the recognition it deserved. One can only imagine how delighted he would have been if he lived to see this book being produced. Mr Brett Howard is to be congratulated for being so pro-active and diligent in producing this new book. Wonderful contribution Sir.

  4. Elvy Perez Zorich

    You’re always sooo lovely Brett! And this is so timely. Awesome!! Thank you.

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