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Jay Grimes shares tips on the Overhead and Coordination exercises on the Reformer. Try it along with his students Zareh Markarian and Keion Moradi Means and you’ll really feel the difference that Jay’s clean up cues make! Our thanks to Strong Body Pilates in Toluca Lake, CA. Visit Jay at Vintage Pilates.  

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  1. susan h lawrence
    susan h lawrence 9 months ago

    Oh, how the words work: “you gotta to know where you’re going and get there,” and thus beauty of the journey and the destination. Amazing to watch you three.

  2. Jayne O'Brien 11 months ago

    Love seeing these videos with the wonderful Jay ❤️

  3. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Thank you Jay! always love to see you and learning from you in so many ways! see you soon!

  4. Andrea Maida

    Yay! Thank you so much Jay 🙂 I love your videos xox

  5. susan h lawrence
    susan h lawrence 1 year ago

    “…it all has to comes from here”
    New venue to hear Jay’s resonant voice and wisdom(the exercise never changes, nor Jay’s words and voice).
    Beautiful bodies to show us the way.

  6. carmen

    So glad to see more videos with Jay!

  7. pilenthuses 1 year ago

    Lovely to see Jay again.
    Very Best Wishes to the good Gentleman.

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