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MeJo brings a contagious joy for movement done well to this workout! There’s no room for cheating as she share the details that will eliminate common mistakes in your form. You’ll feel immediate changes in your body that will stay with you in future workouts because you’ve used your brain as much as your muscles. Filmed at Uptown Pilates on Mahattan’s Upper East Side.

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  1. CatherineHutt 3 months ago

    Excellent class, Mejo. Thanks for keeping this body moving. Catherine

  2. Vichodge1 11 months ago

    That was wonderful thank you Mejo.

  3. ladylondon 5 years ago

    Great class: as per other comments, the attention to detail makes all the difference. I’m still hopeless at teasers and maybe need to go back to some earlier classes to master this challenge.
    Slightly off-putting to have someone so flexible at the front of the class, achieving positions that are way beyond my body.

  4. rshall 5 years ago

    OMG! What a revelation! The teasers segment, where MeJo has you stop before coming up all the way was killer! And after 10 years of practicing Pilates, this was the first time I actually felt the leg pull front. MeJo’s simple instruction to the body in front of her–“pull your heel back, to begin”–made a huge difference! MeJo teaches with her voice and precise cuing, so I rarely had to look at the screen. Genius!

  5. TidalPilates 5 years ago

    Yet another brilliant workout, I truly love your style of teaching, observing your push and pull techniques, when Im more experienced I would love to attend one of your classes. I am a newly certified teacher, I have felt quite lost in direction since qualifying. I have always been a bit of a purest in most disciplines in life and so found myself feeling a bit lost after my training, as lets face it Pilates is so huge, not something you can learn in a few intense sessions. So desperate to follow and learn the true classical method of Pilates, as it was intended. Have been consuming every bit of information I can get my hands on through the internet and books, watching your amazing workouts, Mejo and Alisa (and also your interviews with Jay Grimes), and Pilatesology. I live in a part of UK where classical Pilates studios are not very accessible. I feel I need to learn and experience so much in order to be a good teacher. Would very much appreciate any advice you could give a newly certified teacher?
    Thank you Wendy

    • MeJo Wiggin Author

      Hi Wendy – Thank you for your wonderful compliment on my teaching. I’m so glad you get something out of it. I’d love to answer you in full, but it would be quite lengthy. I will be in London (Portsmouth) in August doing my course The Classical Syllabus at Everybody Pilates. It is the second half of the course. I will be doing it again next year in march and August 2016 and hope you can make it. For more information on it you can visit http://www.mejowiggin.com/classical syllabus. It will give you the whole course description.
      Otherwise feel free to email me direct at info@mejowiggin.com.
      Best wishes – MeJo

  6. Dolores Coeck 6 years ago

    Great class!
    Thank you!!

  7. Kpatallas 6 years ago


  8. Stephanie.Ibbitson 6 years ago

    Such a great class! Thank you so much! You have defiantly improved my pilates workouts from now on.

  9. onebodi 6 years ago

    MeJo, I just finished this fantastic workout! Thankyou so very much! I sweated, grunted, smiled and learnt! What a fabulous 40 minutes!

  10. celiamaluf 6 years ago

    MeJo, thank you!!! I love all the cueing, the corrections… I cannot have enough of a good mat class. It never gets old. It never gets boring. Every time I teach the passion is there… YOUR passion is tangible! Thank you! Having a session with you just went high on my bucket list!

    • MeJo Wiggin Author

      Thanks Celia, I am so glad you learned something from it and enjoyed the class! I would love to meet you someday and give you a lesson. Hopefully you can make it to one of the conferences. Best wishes!

  11. cebert
    cebert 6 years ago

    My casually observing in the background boyfriend just noted that the lunge series at the end (“Step over that stream!”) looked highly old school. me: “yeah, it reminds me of that Mary Bowen video of archival Joe footage where he’s doing weird stuff in the woods.” boyfriend: “If you could go back to any ten seconds in time, would it be to see Joe Pilates doing weird stuff in the woods?” me: “Um. Probably Joe in his studio?” I would settle for meeting/working out with MeJo in person some day 🙂

    • Alisa Wyatt

      lol! that’s a classic exchange!!

    • MeJo Wiggin Author

      Wow! Thank you. I was blessed to have had such an incredible mentour (Romana) for over 15 years in New York. I met her when I was in college and had no idea I would become an instructor. The things she came up with were just…. brilliant! I’m so happy to hear I can pass on even just a piece of it. Enjoy!

  12. realinepilates

    Fabulous cueing! Thank you. Reminds us as instructors and practitioners how many precise details are involved in EVERY Pilates move! Great session 🙂

    • MeJo Wiggin Author
      MeJo Wiggin 7 years ago

      Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the class. MeJo

  13. John Sample 7 years ago

    Great Video

    • MeJo Wiggin Author
      MeJo Wiggin 7 years ago

      Thank you John, I hope you were able to incorporate some of it into your practice.

  14. susandoespilates 7 years ago

    You speak to me!!!!!!!!

  15. deneeSdole 7 years ago

    I loved this mat class! This will really help me in my own practice & teaching of group classes. Mejo is so dynamic and detail oriented, and we know it’s in those small nuances that make all the difference. Thank you Mejo!

  16. N1727
    N1727 7 years ago

    love this!

  17. Siri Dharma Galliano

    Mejo is truly one of the highest Pilates Princesses in the world teaching today. Magnificent class.Pure technique, no stories of dogs or kids or injuries, just intensity delivered with good vocals. Performing is one thing, to teach and correct someone else is another level.
    Also nice to see the Gratz mats shown with the higher handles.
    Uptown Pilates is moving up in the world!

    • MeJo Wiggin Author

      Siri, I am just reading your comment now, and I am just…humbled, and honored. Thank you for your kind words and understanding of the meaning of a true teacher. Xoxo, MeJo

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