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Midline Mat with Shari

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Can you tell if your low abs are working correctly? If the answer is no then Shari Berkowitz can help! Join her for a flowing mat that will teach you how finding your midline can tell you which areas of your abs are working (and which have taken a vacation). Shari’s training as a bio-mechanist and ergonomist informs her classical Pilates teaching and you’ll love how her deep knowledge translates into abs that work! Visit Shari for teacher training, workshops and lessons at The Vertical Workshop. Our thanks to Shari’s student Roccio Cárceles and The Contrology Cohort in New York City where this was filmed.

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  1. dalirae 2 months ago

    Shari – Great mat class. Can you share more mat classes with pilatesology? You are brilliant.

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 2 months ago

      I’m so glad you checked this out! I will love to shoot more classes with Pilatesology when they get filming again!
      The next Pilatesology Interactive (online) class I teach is October 1! I hope you’ll join!
      Also, I teach 4 online classes a week – every week. As well as online privates/semis. I have been doing this for 9 years or so.
      Please join me. Nearly everything is pay-what-you-can even if that’s $0 for 3 out of 4 of my classes.
      Information is here: theverticalworkshop.com/workouts
      Direct registration is at that page or here: theverticalworkshop.com/register
      I hope to see you in class!
      – Shari

  2. BlackLizardPilates 2 months ago

    OMG, Shari you are THE BEST! xo


    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 2 months ago

      Oh, Francis-Olive! You’re so sweet!
      I hope you’ll join me in some online classes! theverticalworkshop.com/workouts
      Wishing you well!!
      – Shari

  3. scongdon
    scongdon 3 months ago

    Excellent class and great instruction!! I’ve seen so much improvement.

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 2 months ago

      I’m so sorry that I missed this comment from you “scongdon” until just now!
      Thank you so much for having checked this out! I’m glad you’re seeing improvement!
      Reach out with any questions about Pilates, ergonomics and biomechanics: info@theverticalworkshop.com
      All the best!
      – Shari

  4. precious74 4 months ago

    amazing class!!!I admire you so much!thank you

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 4 months ago

      Thank you so much for doing the class! – Shari

  5. Loquette 6 months ago

    Ooh, that was lovely Shari, thank you. The midline focus made a really nice alternative.

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 6 months ago

      I’m so glad you enjoyed!
      All of my group classes have themes…maybe you’ll join in on time! We have 3 group classes a week.
      Wishing you well!
      – Shari

  6. ilkamajdalane

    i feel my midline and powerhouse 😉 thank you Shari!

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 6 months ago

      I’m so glad that you feel so connected! Thank you for doing this mat workout!
      Please feel free to join my Mat workouts on Mondays online: theverticalworkshop.com/register
      You’ll also see reformer, multi-apparatus and sessions.
      – Shari

  7. Silke 6 months ago

    Thank you!

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 6 months ago

      Silke! And I thank you for watching!!
      All the best to you!
      – Shari

  8. Alisa Wyatt

    Whoa one side is not the same as the other! I already knew that but had no idea how good it would feel to work on it in this specific way. Thank you Shari, I loved the way you brought attention to the details and then flowed right through with that focus. Hugs from the midline!

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 6 months ago

      Ooh, Alisa, I love that you feel this way! Thank you for giving this a strong go!
      Hugs back to you…from the midline!
      – Shari

  9. hadrianus

    So happy and grateful to watch your classes. you are the best. Lots of love.

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 9 months ago

      Thank you so very much!
      Enjoy teaching! Enjoy your midline!
      – Shari

  10. Victoria Sommer 1 year ago


  11. precious74 1 year ago

    Outstanding Shari!!!thank you!you are the Best!!

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 9 months ago

      Marta! Thank you so much!!!
      All the best to you!
      – Shari

  12. Martin 1 year ago

    Great class! Shari, would love a quick clarification: for single leg circles, do we keep the supporting leg at the mid-line/center of the mat rather than in line with that hip socket? Thank you!

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 9 months ago

      Hi, Martin,
      Well…6 months later I have found this message and am desperate to reply!
      Yes…the Ideal version of this exercise has the supporting leg on the mat in the midline. That’s a solid challenge both to that leg and to the squaring of the pelvis. However, a modification would be having that leg in front of the hip socket.
      Thanks, Martin!
      – Shari

      • Catgal01
        Catgal01 4 months ago

        hi Shari – you mentioned a modification would be to have the leg in line with the hip socket – why would you do that? If the student has tight hips?

        • Author
          Shari Berkowitz 3 months ago

          Hi, Catgal01,
          First, thank you for checking this out!
          Next, indeed, one could the stable leg aligned with the hip socket rather than the midline as a modification. For what? Well, some people literally have no adduction to the midline. That could be because they have a hip ailment or simply because the hip socket or ball is such a shape that the leg does not cross.

          Also, if someone has a recent hip replacement with a posterior approach, then crossing the midline is contraindicative.

          Additionally, for all first-timers and beginners, I set my clients up with their knees bent up and feet flat on the mat hip socket width apart and parallel. Then from their they bring one leg in. That is stable foot and leg in line with hip socket. It has a bit more built in stability.

          Your thoughts?

          All the best,
          – Shari

  13. Erica 1 year ago

    This is a fantastic Joyful mat. I appreciate the mid line emphasis greatly. It realy ignited my powerhouse. Thank you!!!

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 9 months ago

      Erica, thank you!
      I apologize that it’s taken me months to realize that I have messages here!
      Enjoy and reach out with any queries!
      – Shari

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