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Chris takes you through a lower body workout using the Pilates Leg Springs through several levels of increasing difficulty. First, you'll do the Leg Springs Series with the hips on the mat, the second set is more difficult with the body lifted into the air, and for the third set he takes the spring away all together. You’ll then move on to a complex of moves that Romana often gave to Chris to challenge him. She called it the 'Gold Star' series and if you make it through, you'll definitely deserve a gold star for your effort! You can find Chris at his state-of-the-art facility, Stretch Strength Control Gym in San Diego, CA where he trains athletes and mere mortals alike in Pilates as well as sports and martial arts conditioning.

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  1. Maigualida
    Maigualida 1 year ago

    one word Damm !!

  2. susan h lawrence
    susan h lawrence 4 years ago

    So fun, I feel giddy! Commenting to the work’s focus throughout is like watching Steve Ray Vaughan play and sing at the same time! A treat!

  3. Annicesara 5 years ago


  4. janie jennings 5 years ago


  5. choi
    choi 5 years ago

    Great work .Thank you.

  6. Luiza Barteldes 5 years ago

    Good stuff!!

  7. Thank You Chris, great class! Cant wait to torture my strong male clients with this series 🙂

  8. schmecky11 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing… really awesome.

  9. joelcrosby

    Great work and great explanation of the intent of those exercises. That was a very clean execution of those tough exercises. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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