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The mat is pure satisfaction when you only have a short time and want to bust out a complete workout! Join Alisa for a quick 20 minutes that will leave you feeling fit and full of life.

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  1. LJM49 4 years ago

    I am new to Pilates-ology. I live on LI and have been taking private lessons locally for almost a year.. I want to practice mat work at home and in my vacation home, so I will be using your videos frequently going forward. I would like to know where I can purchase the mat you use in the videos. Thank you, Lissa Mattson

  2. coolmarni 4 years ago

    Hi Alisa, just wanted to mention that this video is broken! It’s one of my favorites, so hopefully there’s a fix!

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      HI Coolmarni!
      I just checked this video for any issues and it seems to run fine on my end- please clear your history on your browser and then refresh the video- it shoulds work!!
      Send me a note at : if you are still having trouble!!



  3. Kara Wily
    Kara Wily 5 years ago

    Yay! Great way to start my day! Thanks, Alisa!

  4. yarin 5 years ago

    Great class!!! thank you Alisa:)

  5. Amy Barzdukas
    Amy Barzdukas 6 years ago


  6. Katy Hopkins 6 years ago

    This class is the ultimate excuse-buster when I feel like I don’t have enough time! Thank you so much, Alisa – I especially love those teasers!

  7. pilatesangel 6 years ago

    This is an awesome quick workout. I love the advanced exercises you included to maximize the work! Thank you for executing it so beautifully as always! You rock!

  8. samanta kris 6 years ago

    hope you continue to enlighten us

  9. LKVB 6 years ago

    So nice to move and breathe and not analyze every picky detail! Thank you another great class Alisa! xo, liesbeth

  10. nbbnixon 6 years ago

    What a good one…I feel stretched, lighter and taller…and inspired!
    Large thanks,

  11. N1727
    N1727 6 years ago
  12. N1727
    N1727 6 years ago
  13. Martin 6 years ago

    Alisa! Your classes are always so wonderful! You always manage to throw in something fresh, and it’s so nice to have such a potent workout in such a compact period of time. Love having a new teaser variation to play with 🙂

  14. joesmat 6 years ago

    Clean, precise and controlled.
    That is Alisa Wyatt at work.
    Wonderful standard.

  15. lghammerle

    Nice teasers Alisa! It looks challenging with the legs not joined. I will have to try this later today!

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Those Teasers are evil Lauren, you will see what I mean soon…

      • lghammerle

        I just tried those teaser!!, even after a killer reformer workout from Kathi Ross-Nash today! It was hard to resist the urge not to put my legs together for these teasers! Thank you for sharing this variation!!

        • Alisa Wyatt Author

          Yeow, after a KRN reformer those are punishing! Doing them makes you realize why we normally do the Teaser with legs hugged together–definitely an advanced variation that tests your control.

  16. agento005 6 years ago

    Great class Alisa and welcome back

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