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Join Blossom and her 9 months pregnant student Steph for a workout aimed at staying healthy and in shape during pregnancy. You'll begin with lunges to strengthen the legs and prepare for lifting your baby from the floor and then move to a mat workout that will lengthen and decompress your torso. Get ready to feel fabulous! Visit Blossom at her studio Bridge Pilates where this session was filmed. NOTE: You don't need any apparatus for this session, it was filmed on a Cadillac simply for a better view.

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  1. ceflanagan 1 year ago

    Thank you for this! Please more! 🙂

  2. Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
    Blossom Leilani Crawford 5 years ago

    Jon, thanks for your comment. I didn’t see the baby wave at the end of this video until you made a comment. Steph just came back to work this week. This was shot 6 months ago. Incredible. I hope you are well!

  3. Jon Hawkins

    This has to be the best out-take at the end of the workout ever.

  4. Dawn Connellan 5 years ago

    Thanks that was great!

  5. pilatesangel 5 years ago

    What a lovely, sweet workout for little moms to be! I love that I waited until after the workout to see the workout going on inside too! Thanks for sharing more Blossom with us! Love!

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 5 years ago

      Steph just returned to work this week. Pretty cool that baby Calvin waved hello. Glad you enjoyed the workout pilatesangel!

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