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In this mat class, Mari Winsor leads a group of Pilates instructors through a full body workout that moves quickly at times but more often, Mari uses a purposefully deliberate pace in order to get more out of those pieces of your anatomy that need the most work. No session with Mari is ever boring and even while cleaning up sloppy technique, she injects humor and a sense of play. Notable in the class are some of Mari's trademark twists from her years with Romana like Rolling into Jumps as well as an uplifting standing finish. Enjoy! This class was filmed at the Feb 2013 Arizona Classical Pilates Conference, organized by The Pilates Core.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Battementtandu
    Battementtandu 3 years ago

    Amazing class , amazing teacher????

  2. MaryJo 7 years ago

    You never cease to amaze me seester!! You teach with such joy,
    Truly inspirational

  3. Anne Lukaska 7 years ago

    This was my first experience with Mari and what a blast! I think my skinny jeans will fit tonight!

  4. lghammerle

    I love the active, standing ending exercises. Great class!

  5. joesmat 7 years ago

    Really enjoyed observing this mat class. Some of the variations were different to the traditional mat work. Who introduced them?
    Wonderful humour. Thank you for sharing.

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