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If you struggle with a tight lower back, hips, and hamstrings this mat class is guaranteed to make you more flexible. Grab a yoga strap, belt or bath towel and get ready to work your muscles in a unique way that creates stability and flexibility simultaneously. You just might discover the flexibility you need to enjoy exercises like the Tree. You can find Victoria at her studio Pilateson66 where this session was filmed.

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  1. PILATESDURHAM 3 years ago

    Hi there,
    I have a private client who has long-term unspecific pelvic pain which started after her first pregnancy. She began Pilates with me just before becoming pregnant with her second pregnancy. That second baby is now 2 years old. Anyway, this client swears that Pilates held her together during her second pregnancy, and she loves her sessions, but I have trouble progressing her beyond the basics because it will occasionally set off her pelvic pain which she feels on one side. A particular culprit is the tree – in which she sometimes has terrible trouble holding her pelvis square. She’s now nervous of the tree… and I feel bad. Her physio says she has a right sacroiliac strain and a compensating angry left iliopsoas. Here’s my question – should I try her with some of the techniques Victoria shows here, maybe without even mentioning the dreaded word “tree”? My thoughts are that they could give her new tools to try, and awareness of what is happening to her pelvis in the full tree on the short-box / high barrel. Or should I play it safe and avoid the tree forever. I’ve recently regressed all the way back to pelvic stability exercises, and at the time of writing, she looks square & stable and is pain-free again. But she just doesn’t want to try the tree on the short-box or barrel ever again! I’m a little frustrated as to what I can do to give her confidence to challenge herself & move forward maybe one day returning to the tree. She’s in her 30s, looks amazing, and is fit and healthy, Thank you!

  2. lbscholz
    lbscholz 4 years ago

    I’m a distance runner, and this was so perfect for my body. Helped me find length in my legs and hips and back. The cueing was precise and fantastic.

  3. letters123 4 years ago

    LOVE Victoria!!

  4. Fernanda Dutra 4 years ago

    What a nice feeling on my back and legs after this workout! Thank you Victoria for your so precises cues!

  5. Very challenging class. Thank you Victoria!

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