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In this quick tips video, Jay Grimes demonstrates how to do the Front Splits on the Reformer. His students Nicole Briggs and Zareh Markarian demonstrate his tips and variations, including a deep hip and quad stretch at the beginning that will create immediate change in your flexibility, the correct placement of the feet for your anatomy, how to stay connected when your hands are off and an extra stretch at the top. Enjoy! Our thanks to Strong Body Pilates in Toluca Lake, CA. Visit Jay at Vintage Pilates.

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  1. Andrea Maida

    Thank you so much for sharing this Jay!!

  2. joelcrosby

    Great mini lesson and reminders. There is always more to work on. Thanks Jay!!!

  3. Maigualida
    Maigualida 7 months ago

    Different way to get into position seen easier

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