Faulty Movement Patterns: The Chest Gripper

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In this mini workshop, Maria Sison-Wright explains the faulty movement pattern she calls the Chest Gripper. Clients with this issue will have a restricted breathing pattern that contributes other issues like ribs that stick out, rounded shoulders and weak glutes. To fix this issue, Maria demonstrates exercises to correct the breathing first and then details how to fix other issues. One of her themes is to create change in the body without compression and it's a huge takeaway that you can apply to your clients no matter what you're working on with them. Maria is a Physical Therapist as well as a Pilates Instructor in Vienna, Virginia. Visit her at Inner Core Wellness.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Yasmin95 2 years ago

    Thank you Maria, I really enjoyed and learned so much in your both classes, “the bottom gripper” and “the chest gripper”. Looking forward to see more of these…

  2. erinmohr 3 years ago

    thank you for this mini workshop! i have a client who always has tense thumbs and I couldn’t ever really give him a good reason for paying attention and trying to release that, except for it’s not necessary. But now it makes sense that, of course, he’s a chest gripper as well. I also liked the image of the Fascia like a tee shirt–you tug on one part of it and the whole thing moves. Very interesting and informative!

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