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Want a little extra from your mat workout? Molly Niles Renshaw adds arm weights to this session for a boost that you’ll love! The weights give extra-stretch-iness and oomph to your powerhouse and make your workout fly right by. Visit Molly at: http://mollynilesrenshaw.com/. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.

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  1. Luna
    Luna 1 month ago

    You’re wondeful! Thank you so much 🙂 I learned a lot.

    • Molly Niles Renshaw Author
      Molly Niles Renshaw 1 month ago

      Aw, thank you, Luna! I’m glad you got something out of it! All the best, xx

  2. Molly Niles Renshaw Author
    Molly Niles Renshaw 4 months ago

    I don’t know what you’re saying but I hope it’s good, Cristiana – lol! Thanks for watching! xx

  3. cristianazago 4 months ago

    Amei!!!! Amo as aulas da Moly 🤗

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