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MeJo’s keen sense of precision and eye for detail will help you discover something new in this workout even if you’ve practiced the classical mat for years. All you need is a willing attitude to work just a little harder and MeJo will take you to the next level. In this session, she focuses particularly on sculpting and lengthening the legs for an instant all over body lift. Filmed at Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates™, New York, NY.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Alexis Miller
    Alexis Miller 2 years ago

    Great class thank you Mejo! Nice cues, good quick mat workout. Felt great!

  2. PilatesRoyalty 3 years ago

    She is so great! Love Mejo????

  3. sostrow5 3 years ago

    Thank you — I’m relatively new to Pilates as I recover from an injury. This has been true medicine. Really fun!

  4. rshall 4 years ago

    I’ve been away from Pilates for a couple (a few?) months, and am not quite back to advanced. This was a perfect way back–slower, very precise! Love MeJo’s classes! Her reformer classes here led me back to her mat class. Thanks Pilatesology for having such consistently stellar classes at every level!

  5. pattimouvery@aol.com 4 years ago

    Loved it! Great all around workout. Challenging but doable-perfect for an intermediate category.

  6. Tina3034 4 years ago

    Perfect – excellent workout.

  7. sandra waesche 7 years ago

    great workout!! It must be just my level, because it was right on mark, pushing me just the right amount. the instructor’s enthusiasm is contagious, you can tell she loves her job. not every teacher has this kind of passion!

  8. BelmontBetty 7 years ago

    Exactly what I needed!

  9. susandoespilates 8 years ago

    SENSATIONAL!!!! Excellent cues! Magnificent! THANK YOU!!!!!

  10. presspaws
    presspaws 8 years ago

    Awesome class, I love Mejo’s teaching style so much – so encouraging and motivational!

  11. arlene
    arlene 8 years ago

    I was absolutely mesmorized by MeJo’s voice and her detail in teaching. And Miriam looked radiant and focused and beaming with Pilates delight!! Ahhaha, I really felt every second in this session of boundless discovery.

  12. joesmat 8 years ago

    THE 100
    I always understood that you train your body so that you can effectively work the 100 with the feet just a few inches off the mat ?
    Thank you very much for the mat class.

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