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Watch the world’s top marathon runners and you’ll notice their torsos stay in place while their limbs propel them through space. This cross training workout improves your efficiency and endurance by building the skills you need to move at an even, smooth pace while keeping your core stable. Pilates makes you go faster because you move better! Visit Victoria at her studio on NYC's Upper East Side: Pilates66.

What Others Are Saying


  1. mjssmd 5 months ago

    Excellent quick workout with good directions

  2. Kamaguci83 5 months ago

    great applause for this guy . He did really good 🙂 my level is the same

  3. Josephine O'Para 6 years ago

    Lovely. Very educative and informative. Great teacher

  4. lisapentony 6 years ago

    You are amazing Victoria, I LOVE your sessions! x

  5. Katie 6 years ago

    Victoria your classes are outstanding. I always gain so much knowledge from you. Thank you!

  6. joesmat 6 years ago

    The Gentleman’s Fitness level is outstanding.

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