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Conference Opening Mat

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We were lucky enough to attend the Texas Classical Pilates Conference with Simona Cipiriani.  She started the weekend off with this Advanced mat class.  Follow her instructions as she leads you through a workout that will get you ready for your day or weekend!  For more information about Simona, please visit her at her studio Art of Control

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  1. theblackshark 1 year ago

    is this website always slow and stopy starty? it’s pretty impossible to follow a course online.

    • Jamie Hogan
      Jamie Hogan 1 year ago

      Sorry to hear you’re having playback issues! Here are a few potential fixes you could try to get your video running smoothly.
      The most likely solution would be to lower the playback quality, this is done by the options menu in the bottom right of the player.
      If that does not work you we have a section in our “Help Center/FAQ” page of the website (in the “About” dropdown) with even more potential solutions.
      Hope this helps!

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