Complete Cadillac Maintenance w/ Regina Arras

Complete Cadillac Maintenance

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Make sure your Cadillac is running smoothly with Regina's complete maintenance video. She shows how to check for defects in the springs, where to watch out for wear and tear and key safety information. Regina also covers the Airplane Board and Neck Stretcher since both are often used on the Cadillac. She uses several tools and we've assembled all of these items for you in our Studio Maintenance Kit available in our store (via Amazon). For more videos like this one check out our Apparatus Maintenance section, and If you have questions or would like to schedule service for your apparatus, visit Sentry Pilates (who does all maintenance activities for Top Gun) or email Jackie Nieves directly at:

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  1. LauraCotler
    LauraCotler 2 years ago

    Hi Regina, I got my new Gratz Cadillac in July and the slider bar has never slid well. I thought it was just that way, but after seeing your video, I see that the bar should slide easily. I’m going to try a little 3 in 1 oil. I’ve had some other odd things with my apparatus, such as the reformer wheels aren’t touching the sides of the reformer on 3 of the wheels. I just noticed that too. The reformer doesn’t seem like it’s built properly, like the holes for the wheels weren’t drilled in the right places.

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi Laura!
      I’m guessing Regina will chime in here too- but I can share with you that yes indeed the top ‘speed’ rail should move quite easily. You of course have to loosen the knobs on top- but then it slides back and forth. However- adding 3 in 1 oil top the top rails will make it pretty slick and probably not the best idea.
      I’m guessing- it could be the way the cadillac was assembled at the very beginning when it arrived at the studio. it could be ‘racked’ slightly and just needs to have the bolts loosened and and the top frame section reset. Does that make sense? Because the top corners are true 90 degree going down and across in all directions it should sit naturally square.
      So- loosen all the very top bolts and all that as well as where the top frame meets the lower frame- if any of these are not set all the way in it will create an odd angle and the speed rail won’t move.
      As far as the wheels on the ‘sides’ of the reformer- these are actually not supposed to touch. These are just ‘guide’ rails. They might touch here and there as the carriage moves in and out but it’s normal to have space in there : )
      Unless the reformer carriage is actually hitting the frame as it goes in and out- then those wheels can be adjusted quickly and easily. *( we gotta do a video on that!)

      • LauraCotler
        LauraCotler 2 years ago

        Thanks Alisa! Yes, your answer makes perfect sense! I’m going to go try that right now. I know that when I put my Cadillac together I had a little trouble with the top of it and tightening it etc. so I’m sure that’s what’s going on. Thank you!

      • LauraCotler
        LauraCotler 2 years ago

        Speed rail is now super speedy! When I loosened one of the bolts on the top of the frame like you suggested, the bar was so tightly pushed in that it actually popped out at least a quarter of an inch—like it took a giant exhale after being in a corset, poor thing! Thanks for helping me fix my caddie! Super psyched! 🙂

  2. gigi_kang 3 years ago

    very helpful! Thank you.

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