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Join Niedra for a mat session focused on working deeply into the details in the Intermediate repertoire. If you have confusion on what parts of your body should be working, Niedra will make it clear while keeping you learning by moving. Visit Niedra at her website:

What Others Are Saying


  1. Cito 4 years ago

    Hi Niedra, just finished your class first time.. loving it.. this time from Holland.. thank you! will be back!

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 4 years ago

      love working out from Holland – Yay. thank you and enjoy that fabulous country.

  2. kalfond 4 years ago

    Dear Niedra: I completed your class for the first time this morning in Cambodia. I appreciate the calm pace combined with deep workout. Thank you very very much. I will do this workout again.
    Sincerely, K

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 4 years ago

      Thank you Kalfond, how exciting to know that this class is being in done in Cambodia! Pilates is happening all over the world. Thank you.

  3. pilates 5 years ago

    Clean & mean! Nice new cuing I can use for such moves as side leg series, pushups on knees, boomerang prep etc.

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