Intermediate Reformer Workout with Susan Moran

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Join Susan Moran Sheehy for a fast paced workout that flows through the classical Intermediate series from top to bottom. Susan’s easy-to-follow, encouraging cues will keep you connected to the springs as you move and translates into results. You might be surprised to find yourself easily accomplishing exercises that are normally difficult and you’ll definitely feel fitter, leaner, more flexible afterwards! For Teacher Training, group classes, lessons and more, visit Susan at the Loft at Philosofit in East Hampton, NY.

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  1. Pilates_Lover 9 months ago

    This is such a great workout! I would love to see more of Susan Moran Sheehy!

  2. Victoria Sommer 1 year ago

    Great class, love your calm but timely and precise cues, thank you!

  3. Devra swiger 1 year ago

    Love this class!

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