Case Study: Stroke Recovery, 1 Year Later

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Andrea has made dramatic progress with Pilates since we first filmed her 1 year ago (click HERE to see her first video which was filmed soon after she started Pilates). You’ll see that she is now able to stand on her own—something she had never been able to do in the past. Lauren has added exercises to her routine so you'll get to see her do the Airplane on the Cadillac, going upside down at the Swedish Bars and much more. Filmed at Lauren’s studio Pilates Seattle International offering Pilates, Physical Therapy and Romana’s Pilates Teacher Training.

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  1. DianaMoore

    I am so very impressed with this. You have focus. Maintain your determination. Keep seeking out teachers skilled in partnering who help you continue to progress. Don’t let anything distract you from frequently travelling the neural highway. The more trips you make the better. You really shine as an example to others.

  2. pilatesgal50 6 years ago

    You go, girl! Inspirational. Knock ’em dead in grad school.

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