Case Study: Restoring Spinal Extension

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Learn what you can do when rounding the spine isn’t your client’s friend. Lori Coleman Brown works with Ian who has a history of back pain related to metal fusions in his lumbar spine and atrophy of the muscles around it. When he began his practice, Ian had a tendency to tuck his pelvis under and overround his low back which led to him losing the ability to move his pelvis and head together in the way that normal movement should happen. Lori shows a series of exercises on the Cadillac and Reformer, along with her hands on and verbal cues that helped Ian to regain his movement and spinal elongation and use of his extensor muscles. Now he’s able to bring energy all the way through his spine in all planes, whether his back is flat, bending forward, backward, side to side or twisting. Watch and you’ll come away with a better understanding of how the spine, pelvis and head move together as well as many specific teaching tools for improving your clients’ spinal connections. Don’t miss the end with Ian’s explanation of his experience and Lori’s comments. Visit Lori at Atlas Pilates for lessons, Teacher Training and Continued Education Workshops.

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  1. loremiller
    loremiller 5 months ago

    I loved the thought processes you discussedin this tutorial Lori. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!!
    Would have been helpfull to repeated the questions at the end because I was not able to hear what they were asking.

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