Breakdown of The Original Mat (with Turkish Translation)

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In the second half of his workshop on the Original Mat, Jay Grimes explains the differences between a Pilates mat and a yoga mat, and how the features of the Pilates mat can aid the student in making connections and getting deeper into the body. After getting us to know the mat itself, Jay breaks down individual mat exercises to ensure proper execution and understanding of the mechanics behind them and their purpose in Pilates. Visit Jay at Our thanks go to Murat Berkin and his Classical Pilates Conference Istanbul where this was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Jayne O'Brien 4 years ago

    So great to see the original mat exercises in so much detail, very helpful…. Thanks so much Jay

  2. ladyjane 4 years ago

    So clear and concise! Thank you for cleaning up the mat work Jay and squeezing the juice put of it!!
    Really enjoyed this tutorial!

  3. joesmat 4 years ago

    I so enjoyed and appreciated seeing Jay Grimes get on the Mat and demonstrate the SINGLE LEG PULL, and then doing the PRESS UP on the Gentleman’s lower legs, in the DOUBLE LEG STRETCH. Note his hand position. Also, his emphasis on SQUEEZING ALL THE AIR OUT.
    All very inspiring and a reminder of the original work, from this grand Gentleman of Joseph Pilates Method. True to the Mat Methodology.
    Thank you very much indeed.

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