Pilates Magic Circle Workout with Alisa Wyatt

Athletic Magic Circle

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You'll join pro-beach volleyball players Brooke Niles and Nick Lucena in this Magic Circle workout designed for the needs of athletes. Rather than giving overly-complicated exercises, Alisa focuses on working you out evenly to balance the dominant muscle groups that get overused in many sports, for better power and endurance.

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  1. Catgal01
    Catgal01 6 months ago

    Brilliant class thankyou for contributing this to the platform! I love your clear cueing and relaxed style. I picked up a couple of great tips for my students. I also really enjoyed your reference to Joe as I talk about him in my classes too. I feel it is important to educate our students where all of this genius comes from, that it is not just another fitness fad :0)

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Thanks Catgal01 :)! I agree wholeheartdly–this stuff just gets better the more you do it.

  2. karink 1 year ago

    You’re such an amazing teacher Alisa! I’ve been taking Romana Pilates mat and Reformer for a long time and it feels like I’m in my regular class when I do workouts at home with you. Your cues are excellent – so easy to understand and encouraging. I’ve been teaching Pilates reformer and mat for two years now and thanks to you and other awesome instructors on this website, I’ve gotten a lot more confident with my cueing and become a better teacher. I’m so happy I signed up for pilatesology and tell many of my fellow teachers to take advantage of your monthly subscription. It’s incredibly educational and worth every penny. Best of all, it’s fun! Thanks again 😎

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      karink thank you!! It’s wonderful to know my workouts make you feel like you’re home, that is truly the biggest compliment and I’m honored. Thank you for sharing Pilatesology with your fellow teachers we love the community that all of you bring together. <3

  3. kparkhouse 7 years ago

    This was a great class! Good cues so I didn’t have to look at the screen constantly to know what to do. I did’t have a magic circle and so I used a exercise ball for a number of the moves, and it made all the moves more challenging – and interesting! Thank you.

  4. Abi 9 years ago

    I feel really warm and worked out. It was so nice to use the circle. A small prop can really freshen up the exercises and tweak a few muscles that might have been forgotten. A great class also if you’re wanting a bit of a change. Try it now!

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