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Set your springs on 1 in the middle and get ready to rock your way around the Wunda! In this core focused workout Clare leads you on a circuitous route around the top of your Wunda Chair. Visit Clare at Progressive Bodyworks and explore her new program for studio owner Pilates Avatar.  

What Others Are Saying


  1. PILATESDURHAM 8 months ago

    Loved this! Just what I was looking for! Thank you Claire & co xxx

  2. yelhsajane
    yelhsajane 2 years ago

    Beautiful! Awesome cues and great flow!

    Thank you!!

  3. Pilatessummer79
    Pilatessummer79 3 years ago


  4. Stephen_Hahn
    Stephen_Hahn 3 years ago

    Loved it!

  5. Carolyne_Ergin

    as well Pilates Avatar R O C K !!!

  6. Clare Dunphy Hemani Author

    Hi Tani, Thanks for watching! I hope you got some fun ideas:) -Clare

  7. Tani
    Tani 3 years ago

    Wow, I gotta say I love how flowy your sequences are. I first watched your spine corrector and then a beginner chair and now this! Love it – so much fun and inspiration. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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