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Shari Berkowitz has learned archival variations of Pilates exercises from clients who worked with Joe Pilates and careful study of his archives. In this quick video, she shares 3 variations on Side Kicks and how to do them. Try them out and you’ll feel the muscles of your hips and rear end in a brand new way! Visit Shari for teacher training, workshops and lessons at The Vertical Workshop. Our thanks to Shari’s student Roccio Cárceles and The Contrology Cohort in New York City where this was filmed.  

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  1. darien
    darien 5 months ago

    Very interesting! Thank you for your clarity, Shari🌹

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 5 months ago

      Thank you, Darien, for taking a look at this!
      All the best to you!
      – Shari

  2. Amchara 5 months ago

    Hi Shari,

    I hope you’re well.

    My question is what was Mr Pilates goal with this exercise, as you said he demonstrated it without out stability of the pelvis?

    K x

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 5 months ago

      Thank you for check this out!

      I wish I could tell you Mr. Pilates’ intention with the Side Leg Kicks. He really just threw his entire body back and forth.
      I do know that he was always seeking a balanced body both in ability and in aesthetics.
      If we’re really going to consider what value we can get out of the Side Leg Kicks; if we’re really going to stand on Mr. Pilates’ shoulders rather than underfoot, then we can consider what is wise and effective with the knowledge we have now and what is not. If Mr. Pilates’ were around today would he do it differently? I couldn’t say as I don’t like to put words into his mouth. But I know that I would certainly talk it out with him and see what his thoughts were.

      If we move our torsos around while we move our leg in that exercise, then we really are straining in our lumbar spine and more likely at the T-L junction. However, if we work to stabilize our torso while we move our leg, it’s a different story all together and we have a great opportunity for full body strength, coordination and proprioception while we have an additional set of strengthening and elastic challenge components around our hip joint.

      Thanks for asking about this!
      – Shari

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