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Alisa’s Teachers Mat

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Join Alisa Wyatt for a mat filmed at the 2019 Palermo Pilates Symposium and you’ll workout along with instructors from all over the world. You’ll get a great workout that’s not overly complicated. Highlights including a fun practice for standing up without your hands, a combo exercise that elongates your torso and two ways to ‘walk’ across the room. Enjoy! Our thanks to Lesley Bell who organizes the annual Palermo Pilates Symposium.

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  1. DeniseK56
    DeniseK56 4 months ago

    This was awesome!! So creative. thank you !! Tomorrows variations for my virtual private. thanks so much!

  2. tigbaktas 4 months ago

    ANY CHANCE I. Can save this Video on my iPad ? “ teacher’s mat “?

  3. Jennifer Allen

    Wooow! So fun. My students will be seeing some of these variations this week. Thanks so much, Alisa! 🙂

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