1 Trick to Never Forget What Comes Next

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Imagine you're halfway through your Reformer, and out to impress that cute guy over on the mat. You're starting to get tired..., and suddenly, for crying out loud, you cannot remember what comes next! Don't panic - Alisa has a tip that will save your hiney on just such occasions. The 'Dance of the Pad' trick, passed down from many a spaced-out Romana apprentice, will help you remember your Reformer order when your brain checks out early! .

What Others Are Saying


  1. bgomezsc 4 years ago

    Love this – Dance of the sticky pads!!!

  2. Jleidbo717 4 years ago

    Love this!

  3. carmen
    carmen 4 years ago

    Awesome Alisa! I do this with my students — “pull your pad forward” and yes, magically they keep remembering! Love it.

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