Live Sessions with Sonjé Mayo

Reformer Masterclass Series to Transform the Way You Move & Teach

Live Sessions with Sonje - April 2024

Masterclass Series with Sonjé Mayo

✔️ Learn Sonjés precision cueing, how to advance a client to the next level, seamless transitions and more 

✔️ Special opportunity to personally learn from Sonjé Mayo and access her deep expertise in the method

✔️ Includes 4 progressive Reformer masterclasses taking place every Wednesday in April at 10 am PT

✔️ Connect with like-minded teachers in an intimate setting

✔️ Lifetime access to recordings & CEC's available

"Sonjé is always my go-to for making sure the Pilates I teach is safe and effective for my clients," Christey
Sonje Mayo Live Sessions April 2024

Personal Instruction & Education from Sonjé Mayo

Sonjé Mayo began her Pilates journey with Joseph Pilates himself in 1964 when Martha Graham insisted her students take his daily conditioning class. Sonjé's lessons with Mr. Pilates transformed the instability in her pelvis that plagued her dancing and changed her life forever.

In Sonjé's classes you'll get:

  • An eagle-eye on your practice aimed at perfect alignment and deep core strength
  • Demanding workouts that will challenge you to the max
  • The opportunity to learn directly from a First Generation Teacher who knew Joseph Pilates

"Every session there has been at least one a-ha moment. A cue, different approach, a tweak," Lindsay M.

Pilates Short Spine Pet Peeves with Sonjé Mayo

When you sign up, you will...

» Develop your expertise on teaching Reformer
» Restore your passion for teaching
» Learn from and workout with one of the top teacher trainers in the world
» Access class recordings forever!
» Fill your toolbox with fresh teaching cues



/ One-Time Fee
/ One-Time Fee

Have Questions? 🎟

Why should I join?

✔️This is a unique and hassle-free chance to get to workout & learn from a remarkable teacher,  Sonjé Mayo, with classes guaranteed to motivate, inspire, and kick your practice in to high gear!


❓What are the dates & times of classes in LIVE SESSIONS?

✔️The sessions start on Wednesday, April 3rd at 10 am PT and will repeat every Wednesday in April at the same time! See the schedule above.


❓What if I can't make class live?

✔️You get lifetime access to watch the workouts on your own time. Teachers tell us this has been great for work conflicts.


❓Are CECs offered?

✔️Yes. This course gives 4 NPCP CECs.


❓How much does the LIVE SESSIONS package cost?

✔️Rates are $349/Pilatesology members or $399/non-members for the unique opportunity to be taught by Sonjé in a 4-part series. This comes out to $87 per class for members, and $99 per class for non-members!


❓What equipment and level will the classes be?

✔️The classes will begin in Basic Level and progress to Intermediate/Advanced all on the Reformer.


❓Can other instructors join me?

✔️YES we encourage it! Please reach out to us for one-time purchase options. Note: Each Zoom screen is limited to 1 person only.


❓How is this different from my Pilatesology membership?

✔️LIVE SESSIONS is a specially-curated add-on package separate from your membership. Recordings are not shared publicly on Pilatesology, they are for LIVE SESSIONS members only.


❓Do I have to be a Pilatesology member to sign up?

✔️ No, there is a separate option for non-members. Keep in mind, you'll only have access to LIVE SESSIONS recordings. Check out our membership to get access to all of our unlimited content!