Apparatus: Mat with Magic Circle

Magic Legs with Amy

By Amy Berger on September 3, 2021

Hamstring Lengthening Mat

By Simona Cipriani on August 23, 2021

Standing Magic with Sarita

By Sarita Allen on August 11, 2021

Magic Circle Mat with Standing Exercises

By Brett Howard on May 21, 2021

Cynthia Shipley Pilates Mat with Magic Circle

Mat Magic with Cynthia Shipley

By Cynthia Shipley on March 17, 2021

Body Magic

By Victoria Torrie-Capan on February 10, 2021

Brooke Siler Pilatesology

Brooke’s Magic

By Brooke Siler on January 18, 2021

Nicole Smith Alvarez Pilates Magic Circle

Ring of Fire

By Nicole Smith-Alvarez on December 18, 2020

Magic Addict

By Carrie Russo on July 13, 2020

Best Magic Circle Basics 

By Molly Niles Renshaw on June 8, 2020

Pilates Legs for Days

By Carrie Russo on May 25, 2020

Marvelous Magic with Sonjé

By Sonjé Mayo on March 23, 2020

Beginner Magic Circle with Sonjé

By Sonjé Mayo on January 13, 2020

Double the Magic

By Kathi Ross Nash on August 3, 2019

MatFlow with Clare – Class 3 of 3

By Clare Dunphy Hemani on July 15, 2019

Magic Basics

By Chris Blackburn on July 1, 2019

Magic for Bad Backs

By Alycea Ungaro on June 3, 2019

Weighted Magic

By Molly Niles Renshaw on April 8, 2019

Magic Mat with Zoë

By Zoë Hagler on March 18, 2019

Magic with Molly

By Molly Niles Renshaw on March 11, 2019

Transcendent Mat (PORTUGUESE)

By Inelia Garcia on February 11, 2019

Magic Miguel

By Miguel Silva on January 21, 2019

The Magic Workout

By Gloria Gasperi on January 11, 2019

Summertime Magic with Karen

By Karen Frischmann on December 10, 2018

Time Crunch Magic

By Kim Reis on August 20, 2018

Powerhouse Mat with Moses

By Moses Urbano on June 18, 2018

Teaching Tools: The Magic Circle

By Fabien Menegon on May 18, 2018

Magic Sonje

By Sonjé Mayo on May 2, 2018

Thighs, Butts & Guts Magic Circle

By Clare Dunphy Hemani on February 23, 2018

Achieve the Roll Up

By Molly Niles Renshaw on January 10, 2018

Explore the Mat & Q&A

By Lori Coleman-Brown on December 6, 2017

Men’s Mat with Inelia

By Inelia Garcia on September 5, 2017

Brasilieros Mat and Magic Circle

By Inelia Garcia on August 22, 2017

Magic Cary

By Cary Regan on August 14, 2017

100% Magic

By Fabien Menegon on July 21, 2017

The Pilates Face Lift

By Jay Grimes on June 9, 2017