How to Watch Classes With Subtitles in Any Language!

How to Watch Classes with Subtitles in Any Language

Watching classes in another language just got easy! Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you access subtitles and live captions seamlessly.

At Pilatesology, we offer many classes that are either filmed in languages other than English or subtitled in various languages, including English. Here is an article on how to find those classes.

If a class is not currently subtitled in a language that you need, you can still get live captions or translations. Follow the instructions below!

Turn on Live Captions in Your Language in Chrome:

  • Make sure you are using a Chrome Browser
  • Open up your preferences and/or settings
  • Click on Advanced and/or Accessibility
  • Turn on Live Captions
  • If your language is not listed under Live Captions, click on a language that is available and then click on Live Translate

Here is a quick video to demonstrate how to turn on Live Captions in Chrome:

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