Feel Energized For Summer with our Summer Kickstart Series!

Feel Energized and Confident with Summer Kickstart Series

Ready to feel energized & confident ALL summer long? 🌴☀️ Our SUMMER KICKSTART SERIES is a curated collection of mat workouts designed to make you radiate from the inside out.

In your collection, you’ll get 7 days of no-equipment workouts designed to fit your every mood & need this summer! As a Pilatesology member, you’ll also get an exclusive Summer Kickstart Journal. Let’s make this the summer of feeling amazing together! 💪

Why did we make the Summer Kickstart Series?

Your social media feeds and inboxes are probably filled with…

↠ talk of punishing “get fit for summer” trends
↠ the latest diets for a “bikini body”
↠ depriving ourselves to make up for summer fun…

I want you to know EVERY body is a bikini body and feeling confident, strong, and happy starts from within. 💛

We’re determined to reframe our thinking around summer with…

✨ an inspiring and energizing, feel good goal
✨ 7 days of workouts to make you shine from the inside out
✨ a finish line that we’ll all cross together 🏁

Join us for the Summer Kickstart 7-Day Challenge and head into summer with tons of motivation and energy. 🎉☀️

Summer Kickstart Series
Summer Kickstart Series

In the series you’ll get:

• 7 mat classes (pick your level!)

• No equipment needed

• A curated collection designed around your summer, quick burst workouts then ease into longer, revitalizing sessions to kick your summer into high gear

Plus, as a Pilatesology member, you get access to our Summer Kickstart Series planner! This is a great way to track your workouts, take notes of how you’re feeling, and stay inspired and motivated all summer long.

Summer Kickstart 7-Day Challenge - Journal
Summer Kickstart 7-Day Challenge – Journal


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