Mat Essentials Pilates Series For A Mind-Body Connection

mat essentials pilates program with carrie russo

Ready to tune into your body while getting a great workout in? We’ve got the series for you! Join Carrie Russo in her latest 6-class intermediate Pilates mat series, Mat Essentials, designed to give your body the love it deserves while increasing inner strength.

Carrie’s series introduces the essential Pilates concepts that you need in your practice to succeed. These concepts include: Posture, Control, Breath, Opening, Flow, & Restorative. ✨

The series includes:

• 6 full-body intermediate mat classes

• Each class focuses on one essential concept at a time including: Posture, Control, Breath, Opening, Flow, & Restorative

• Fight gravity, stress, & daily life with challenging full-body classes that target areas we all need to work on

• Improve your posture & flexibility with corrective exercises you can do anytime


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