Get Ready For Your Travel Glow Up

travel glow up pilates series

Hitting the road this summer? ☀️ We’ve got you covered! Join Marina Urbina in her latest 6-class Pilates mat series, TRAVEL GLOW UP, designed especially for the challenges of traveling. Get ready to feel present, confident and relaxed no matter how far from home you are.

When you’re traveling you need mini-workouts that give your body all it needs without sucking up your free time. This series hits all the bases with short workouts full of functional, effective movement that will relieve tightness and tension while turning up your glow.

There’s classes designed for places where you can’t lie down on the floor, have no mat or only a chair. When you’re far away from home, feeling connected to your body makes all the difference in how present and relaxed you are. In this series you will:

• Energize with intense mini-workouts that pack a punch

• Choose between sessions for small spaces, dirty floors, chair only and more

• Improve your balance, relieve tightness and gain mobility with functional, effective movement

• Connect your body to feel present, confident and at-ease

Plus, as a Pilatesology member, you get access to our Travel Glow Up Workout Planner! This planner is a great way to track your workouts, take notes of how you’re feeling, and easily click the classes to take you straight to your workout, no brain power needed.


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