Member Spotlight: Kelly & Her Pilates Every Day Goal

Member Spotlight - Kelly James

We love to hear about how Pilates helps our members reach their goals! Read on to find out how Kelly James created a goal on her 54th birthday to practice Pilates every single day for the entire year.

“I  set a goal to do Pilates every single day of my 55th year. It was really just a lightbulb moment. I’ve been a massage therapist for 30 years and I wish I could convince everyone with chronic pain to just start a Pilates routine.

Because I understand so much about how the musculoskeletal and nervous systems work, I get why Pilates is so brilliant. It’s like hitting a reset switch that undoes all the things that pull a body out of balance. I have realized though that even though I have developed a pretty good routine I have times in life that throw me off. So when I turned 54 this past summer it hit me in a moments time, “I’m gonna do Pilates every single day for a year!”  That’s what I said to myself.

Pilates is so brilliant. It’s like hitting a reset switch that undoes all the things that pull a body out of balance.

Pilatesology Member, Kelly James

We have a chalkboard wall that I mark after every workout. I included pictures of that because that’s how I keep myself accountable. It’s worked so far and I know it’s a goal I will accomplish thanks to Pilatesology making it so convenient. 

I’d like to add some benefits I’ve experienced so far. On days I don’t have much time, like work days and vacation, I have done very short workouts. Without the goal, those would have been days I would skip or times that would perhaps throw my routine off for awhile. Making myself do it not only keeps my routine on track but it keeps me feeling great.

I can’t stress enough the benefit to muscle memory those short workouts give. The longer more difficult workouts are necessary to make progress and get stronger. But the short workouts are better than missing one because they keep the nervous system trained so I’m  never starting over because of missing a few days.” 

Thank you for sharing Kelly! We’re so inspired by you and your amazing goal. 😍

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