Tips for Plank Part 1

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Does your plank position resemble something more like a hammock? Get Victoria’s tips and discover what’s missing! In this session you’ll use a wall to find the upper body to teach how to keep the chest open it doesn’t round forward. Visit Victoria at her studio Pilates66 on New York City’s Upper East Side.

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  1. loremiller
    loremiller 1 year ago

    Soooooo Helpful

  2. Victoria, I LOVE the breakdown of the correct way of doing the push ups! It will be extremely helpful in teaching my clients. Thank you!

  3. pjennings 6 years ago

    This was SO helpful! I pulled my quadratus lumborum a few weeks ago while doing a plank on the reformer. Now I know what I need to do in order to do it correctly. Thank you!

  4. agnes simonfi

    Victoria, I love your teaching style :)! The way you explain concepts, everything becomes so crystal-clear and logical … Now I really have the missing link to progress my Clients with their push-ups ;)! Thank you!

  5. Fernanda Dutra 6 years ago

    Really nice the cue to lift the chest to fill the space between the shoulder blades! Thank you Victoria

  6. LKVB 6 years ago

    Victoria thank you, this organization is so hard to explain to clients and you did it so clearly. Maybe there is hope for TRex after all. 🙂

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