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Meet the Pilates Resister, a long-forgotten piece of Pilates apparatus that was re-discovered by Cathy Strack in an old catalog and recreated in all it's original glory by Pilates Lineage. In this video, you'll hear about the history of the apparatus and how Sean Gallagher and Elaine Ewing worked with Russell Soder to match the details of this to Joe Pilates original design. You'll learn about it's craftsmanship, how Joe used it and the 2 Exercise Charts that Joe sold with it which have been re-created by Sean Gallagher and Elaine Ewing. Then, Elaine takes her student Holly Quaglia Wells through a selection of standing and floor exercises, using the detailed instructions from Joe's Charts. Want one of your own? Click here to purchase the Resister from Pilates Lineage. You can purchase the Exercise Charts by attending one of the workshops taught by Elaine Ewing and Sean Gallagher, click here for information. See the interview with Joe Pilates' barber that Cathy Strack mentions in this video and a fascinating excerpt of her biography of Romana Kryzanowska here: Cathy Strack on Pilatesology. Thanks to Sean Gallagher who owns Joe Pilates' Becket, MA studio and Elaine Ewing from Rhinebeck Pilates for letting us film in Joe's studio for this video!

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  1. Reb 12 months ago

    Great video. I love my Resister. Can’t wait for the follow up. Can we see Elaine’s bio too, please?

  2. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Thank you very much! to all of you! I can’t wait to see you end of September in New York to all of you! very motivated to keep learning from the best! love to all, Luz


    Very cool to see these developments. Congratulations. Got the arm and leg springs from Russel and I like them very much. Different feel to Gratz, Pilates Designs and BB.

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