The Day From Hell, Biz Tips Part 1

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If you're a stressed-out, undervalued or overworked Pilates instructor or studio owner, Niedra's Business Tips series is for you! In this first session, she shares a quick and transformational exercise called The Day From Hell. Find out how Niedra's own Day From Hell pushed her to take a risk which turned out to be the most fulfilling thing she ever did in her Pilates career. For business coaching sessions with Niedra vist

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  1. pilatesangel 6 years ago

    These are the honest conversations I wish Pilates teachers would share more often with teachers in training. I remember when my Pilates bubble burst in the first couple of years of teaching. I agree negative clients and long hours may be the common struggle we all face and figuring out how to deal with those is quite challenging. That being said, the quality of life experienced and true joy of teaching this amazing work is worth the risk to make these adjustments as so many of us have had to do! Also, the list will change from year to year as our desire to get deeper into the work does. Does it matter if my list is still long?!…lol! Thanks Niedra!

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 6 years ago

      Thank you for posting Pilatesangel,
      I am glad to hear you are really writing down everything, good for you!
      Focusing only on the positive and swallowing what is not working can work against us, so I am glad you get it and are facing the truth .
      You are on the right path with your list – it is the beginning of sorting through and gaining some control on what is ” taking you down” from the joy that you also experience as a teacher.
      we will be posting more on this subject so I hope you will get some tools to move yourself on from this condition.
      Facing what you don’t like is really the secret of success, and dealing with it is the same as learning to connect up with correct technique in your body.
      Keep adding to your list – you are doing great. More to come about this.

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