Teaching Duets with Divergent Needs

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If you're a teacher looking for some new cues for your sessions, you're in the right place. Observe Victoria as she guides her students Nan Young and Chris through a complete workout with adjustments for each of their body needs. For instance, Chris gets cues to help with his shoulder alignment in Pulling Straps while Nan Young finds a better connection to the bar in the Long Stretch with a reminder of another exercise. You'll see a both students work their way through a variety of exercises after their Reformer is finished. Chris works his shoulder alignment on the Pedi-Pole, upper back on the Ladder Barrel and hips on the Cadillac while Nan Young stretches the front of the body on the Spine Corrector and pulls it all back together on the Arm Chair. Both students finish with the Semi-Circle exercise done on the end of the Cadillac for Nan Young and on the Electric Chair for Chris. Visit Victoria Torrie Capan at Pilates66.

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  1. juliechi 3 months ago

    This is a very odd Observe & Learn. Victoria is hardly speaking.

  2. pjennings 3 years ago

    Nice work, KEN! 😉 Ha Ha! And Chris and Nan Young too! Victoria awesome as always!

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