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Teachers Clubhouse 10—Hands-On Pushes & Pulls

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The topic for this Teachers Clubhouse is using your hands to assist your clients. During the workout portion of class, Sandy and her assistant Ken Krech give tactile cues the students while they work on various apparatus. Afterward, Sandy leads a discussion and tutorial on hands-on cues on the mat. Visit Sandy at Vintage Pilates where this class was filmed.

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  1. Sandy Shimoda Author

    Dear Linda, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, insights and questions. Regarding your regular client, there are no general modifications I would offer without seeing her. However, I must say that both the spine stretch forward and saw could be very beneficial to her, even if done in a limited range. Guide her to be symmetrical and it will help her strengthen weaknesses and stretch tight muscles resulting from the scoliosis.

    Regarding training for you, please come to one of our Camps at Vintage Pilates. We are having the Fall Camp in mid September, Spring Camp next April, and Summer Camp next July! For more info visit teachers.vintagepilates.com

  2. Great for a student like me, too! Both with the sound, and then with the sound off. Beautiful to see people ‘doing their thing’.

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      What a great idea – to watch without sound. It puts the focus on the movement of the bodies which is why we do this amazing work, right?!

  3. linda nottberg 5 years ago

    This is great for us as teachers.
    Is there a way to modify the Spine Stretch Forward and the Saw (and Rowing on the Reformer) for a strong 3 day a week client, who has severe scoliosis, age 64 , female, under a lot of personal stress,
    Her scoliosis seems to cause a reaction in her psoas. She has experienced moments of weakness sometimes in her day, but in her Practice, we are very careful and do only basic stuff. Her TA Band is weak, although is works sometimes without her awareness.
    There is something going on here. Do you have any ideas for us to try? She is a 7 year client…
    thanks for any help
    I love your workshops. I am certified in Stott, and have done all the Work for Polestar, except for the test. At age 63, I’ve been teaching since way before there WERE any certifications. I was a devoted ballet student of Finis Jhung, who steered me in the direction of 2 pilates mat teachers. The training totally changed my dancing life for the better, and paved the way for me to become a well-respected private teacher here in Prairie Village, KS
    MY teacher is a Romana-trained instructor – she used to be one of my principle dancers when I was teaching dance and doing choreography at the University of Missouri, KC Conservatory of Music and Dance.
    I am now SO interested in understanding Joseph Pilates Work the way his students do. your classes are wonderful tools.
    I love the Classical Work and can now see, after studying the other important methods, that knowing Joe’s Work is essential to being a good teacher .
    would you have any programs for someone like me who might only be able to take a week off to come and study at your studio as an instructor?
    Thanks for sharing your Work with all of us who want to keep being better teachers.
    Most sincerely,
    Linda Nottberg
    linda nottberg’s karmic pilates

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