Pilates Spine Corrector Overview with Simona Cipriani

Stand Taller Barrels Workout

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Simona leads you through the a workout on the Spine Corrector and Small Barrel—which are purposely shaped to reverse the negative effects of gravity. You’ll learn the complete series of exercises that stretch, strengthen and realign the muscles that allow us to stand upright with ease and finish feeling like your head is floating off the top of your spine. Be sure to check out Simona's brief video Your Skeleton on the Spine Corrector for a view of what is happening to your spine when you use this brilliant apparatus. Filmed at Uptown Pilates on Mahattan’s Upper East Side. Visit Simona at her studio The Art of Control™ on the SUNY campus, Purchase New York.

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  1. orconej 7 years ago

    Totally enjoyed it . Thank you

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